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East Gibson Road
Everett, WA, 98204
United States

(425) 487-6000

Forecast Solar LLC

Forecast Solar provides quality solar installations throughout the State of Washington.

Call us today for a free solar assessment and estimate for your home or business.   


make a difference . . . and get paid FOR doING it!

Notable forecast Solar installations

In 2015 Forecast Solar installed 15 PV systems in this one Bothell neighborhood, 19 others in nearby neighborhoods. That's 34 installations in Bothell in 2015 alone. Once Forecast Solar installed the first two of these  systems, the word got out ... "Not only could you contribute to renewable energy, it came with great financial benefits." 

These new neighborhoods are perfect for solar because they have little or no shade issues.  That's often difficult to find in Washington. 

Get a free solar financial benefits assessment from our solar consultants for your specific location. No obligation.
Another nearby Bothell Community.

Another nearby Bothell Community.


Sunbreak Café - Auburn WA

Sunbreak Café - Auburn WA

PV Solar photovoltaic systems have become profitable investments because of the recent technological advances leading to lower cost equipment and greater productive capacities.  These advances together with the generous Washington State incentives and Federal tax credits make Washington one of the best states in the country for solar investment.


If you need a Loan
    ... still profitable


 In most cases the payments on a PV system loan will be less than the immediate financial benefits and cash flow resulting from your PV system. It depends on your solar exposure, roof design and house compass orientation.  So, you can either continue to pay the utility for your electricity or pay less using a 7-15 year solar loan.  After the loan is paid off, you have decades of free electricity.

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“Won’t I lose on my original investment if I sell my home?”

Absolutely Not.  According to the Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), a cost appraisal for your home takes into consideration all the present and future assets of the property and its improvements. 

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Forecast Solar
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