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Why Use Forecast Solar?

Our unique history sets Forecast Solar apart from the rest.

Why Forecast Solar?

We are proud Of being the first company in Washington to have made PV Systems truly affordable.  By bringing all the trades needed for solar installations under one company, we install quality PV systems more efficiently . . .

A Solar Company Built On Decades of Roofing & Electrical Contracting

Forecast Solar has not merely hired roofers and electricians to work for us, we are a solar company with decades of successful roofing and electrical contracting (since '84 & '91 respectively).  Though solar is currently 90% of our business this former experience provides our customers with a unique sense of peace and assurance found nowhere else.  

The efficiency that comes from this history, along with having all three trades under one roof, is what optimizes our operations to meet our goals of quality and affordability.

Forecast Solar has helped lead the way making solar possible for anyone with good solar exposure in Washington to have renewable energy, and to get paid for doing it.  Our cost and efficiency has encouraged others within the industry to also lower their prices--and now solar in Washington is booming.  

The Story of Our Inception

It was the Fall of 2010 in the Shoreline Community College parking lot.  An older gentleman yelled over to me and asked if I owned the company; he was referring to the van I was driving which said 'Forecast Roofing' on it.  I told him I did.  Then he asked if I had some time, he wanted to talk to me.  I walked over and sat with him on the porch of the "Clean Energy Center" building and we began talking.  I later found out this gentleman is considered by many to be the Godfather of Solar in the state of Washington.  He taught the solar design and installation classes there at Shoreline.

For the next 45 minutes he systematically dispelled all the myths of why solar would not work in Washington.  Then he looked me in the eye and told me that the number one reported call-back complaint involving photovoltaic installations was not electrical in nature, it was roof leaks.  "Electricians don't belong on roofs!" he said.  "Roofers need to start getting into the business, this isn't rocket science." Needless to say, Morgan and I were in his class the next semester.  Growing up with a dad who was an electrician didn't hurt either.

Pressing this point on a practical note, I spoke with someone the day before I wrote this who had a PV system installed on his house five years before by one of the more respectable solar companies in Seattle.  While in his attic he had inadvertently noticed a small leak dripping next to one of the roof penetrations from a solar mount. It had been leaking for five years and no one knew.  

We are not a solar company made up of employees taken out of the electrical and roofing industry, or heaven forbid using subcontractors. We have decades of successful electrical and roofing contracting behind us. 

Greg Gorsuch

Forecast Solar
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