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Choose a Solar Installer Carefully

The existing Washington State solar incentive program is running out, so now is the time to capitalize on this fading opportunity.  But, now is also the time be cautious.

New Considerations When Purchasing Solar:

The State's Legislature Failed to Pass a New Solar Legislation (2016)


Washington State's new solar incentive program failed to pass legislation in 2016 so we are certain to see a radical drop in solar installations by 2017.

  •  The existing solar incentive package will continue to pay out until June 2020.  But, because of the constantly diminishing totals that later buyers can accumulate the closer we get to 2020 the less total incentives available toward paying for a PV system.  Very soon, under this current program, there simply will not be enough time in which to payoff a PV system in under ten years.

Therefore, without new solar incentive legislation, dark times lie ahead for the solar industry in Washington.  This is something everyone considering a solar PV system should take into consideration.

As a prospective buyer of solar you have to ask yourself, "Will my solar installer be in business five years from now?  Will they be there to maintenance my system if needed or facilitate manufacturer warranty issues if I experience equipment failures?"


Long before the solar industry emerged in Washington, Forecast Solar had decades of successful contracting in the highly pressurized fields of electrical and roofing construction (since 1991 and 1984 respectively).  At present solar is 90% of our business, and we love doing solar.  But, if the current solar boom ends soon, rest assured we will still be in business decades from now relying on our electrical and roofing sectors to keep us going.  We will still be installing solar, even if it is only the occasional system.

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