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Installing Solar with a Solar Loan: Still Profitable!

Even with a Solar Loan, the financial returns from your system will still significantly exceed the cost of the loan.

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Currently, the financial returns generated by a PV system is greater than the solar loan payments!  If you have good solar exposure and house orientation your system will be profitable even with a loan.  So, you can either continue to pay the utility for your electricity or install your own system with a solar loan that pays for itself.

Most of our solar projects have been financed through low interest solar loans. These loans currently average between 3.5 - 3.99% while the internal rate of return (IRR) of the solar investment is between 10-17% over 25 years.  Therefore, taking out a no money down solar loan for 7-15 years still works out to be intensely profitable.  

You simply fill out a simple online loan application and usually receive notification of qualification a day later.  Your Forecast Solar consultant will get you started.

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